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External Projects

EU level

  • DETECTIVE: Detection of endpoints and biomarkers of repeated dose toxicity using in vitro systems (2011 2016).
    EU 7th Framework Programme project (project no 266838).

  • HeMiBio: Hepatic Microfluidic Bioreactor (2011 2016).
    EU 7th Framework Programme project (project no 266777).

  • ESNATS: Embryonic Stem Cell-Based Alternative Novel Testing Strategies (2008-2013).
    EU 7th Framework Programme project (project no 201619).
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  • CARCINOGENOMICS: development of a high throughput genomics-based test for assessing genotoxic and carcinogenic properties of chemical compounds in vitro (2006-2011).
    EU 6th Framework Programme project (project no 037712).
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  • LIINTOP: optimisation of liver and intestine in vitro model for pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies (2007-2009).
    EU 6th Framework Programme project (STREP project no 037499).
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  • PREDICTOMICS: Short-term in vitro assays for long-term toxicity
    EU 6th Framework Programme project.
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National level

  • BRUSTEM: Regenerative medicine of the liver using synergistic mixtures of immature or mature human hepatocytes with mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells or with hepatic stellate cells (2008-2011).
    Collaboration between UCL, ULB and VUB

  • IUAP: The hepatic progenitor cell niche under experimental conditions and in human liver disease (2007-2011)
    Collaboration between KUL, UCL, UGent and VUB

Internal Projects

  • EPIGEN: Interplay between epigenetic modification mechanisms and microRNAs (2011 2015).

  • GOA48: Epigenetic modification of gene expression by interference with histone acetylation (2006 – 2010).

Patent submissions

  • WO 2007/144341 - PCT/EP2007/055754
    Differentiation of rat liver epithelial cells into hepatocyte-like cells.
    | WIPO |

  • WO 2006/045331 - PCT/EP2004/0012134
    Differentiation of stem cells and stabilization of phenotypical properties of primary cells.
    | WIPO |

  • WO 2008/145736 - PCT/EP2008/056706
    Stabilisation of the phenotypic properties of isolated primary cells.
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