Developing cell and gene therapy for tomorrow’s medicine - This program is currently not organized.

Today, the newly emerging diseases require therapeutic approaches based on our most recent understanding of human biology. Over the last decade, medicine is rapidly developing from a cellular to a molecular science.

Developing new therapeutic approaches requires multidisciplinary teams collaborating to integrate our knowledge of gene expression, protein activity and intermediate metabolism with state of the art understanding of physics, chemistry and information technology. This program aims to introduce young investigators into the field of cell and gene therapy, with special emphasis on practical training in competitive research groups committed to development of tomorrow’s therapies. Several of our laboratories are closely connected with, or embedded in our academic hospital, which facilitates the translation of basic understanding and discovery to clinical application and innovation. While being a Master program, it also offers its most successful graduates the perspective of PhD studies. Our interactive learning environment ensures successful continuation for all graduates with career support from the program until after graduation.


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